Sculpture was born. Sculpture soon realized that even though she was born, she had been simultaneously dead the entire time, she had existed. Since death is her, there is nothing particular for her to await. There is no death to come, no death to over- come, there is only a continuously unfolding of death and hence, the ever-becoming actuality of Sculpture herself.

She is unfolding in the sphere which she is continously born into. The action of exca- vation or unearthing of her latent actuality, is a processual rupturing in the hidden realms of the imaginary field called Nekropolis.

For this show in WAF Galerie, the site-specific Cenotaph [Audio-Monument No. 5] is being built. Calculations on the previous [Audio-Monument No. 4] (2019) will be implemented as Baustoff and merged with a Vermessung of the gallery space. The vibrant monumentality of Cenotaph [Audio-Monument No. 5] will be activated on 3 September 2020 at 7 pm for thereafter to murmur, when (re-)building itself over 639 days. On 4 June 2022, Cenotaph will be finished and thus, decayed.

M.H., August 2020

Martine Heuser (*1990 in Copenhagen), studied Sculpture and Media Art at HFBK Hamburg and PDP ASP Warsaw. In 2019 she was part of the „Goldrausch Künsterin- nenprojekt“ in Berlin.
Her artistic practice develops from the imagination and the fictional, as well as the fascination for terminologies. Her anti-heroic engagement with places and absence manifests itself in a process-oriented »Körper-Schreiben« (body-writing), which leads to sculptural actions, actions of speech and to Audio-Monuments.

Natan Kryszk is an artist and musician, based in Warsaw.